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Rigor and professionalism in the office

Rigor and professionalism in the office / Renovation project / Province of Bergamo

BF Interni focus is not only private residences … this time the project entrusted to us develops within an office building.

We oversaw a total renovation, where creative thinking touched many aspects.

The project followed the customer’s requests and needs of this particular and specific office: professionalism, formality, energy and ease of use.
Starting at reception, the style is a space which is accentuated through the positioning of an unusual, unconventional reception counter, designed by us and handcrafted by the Marone and Aralla Laccature Brothers (Treviglio).

Clean, minimal and decisive lines combined with well-defined blades of light are the guiding thread in every environment, making the space homogeneous and giving the area a strong character.

Ph: Malena Gianfranco

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In front of our office is a large car park where you can park your car for free. Come and see us, we look forward to meeting you. Come visit us, we are waiting for you!