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Refurbishment of an old farmhouse

Refurbishment of an old farmhouse / Design and construction / Province of Bergamo

When it comes to choosing between renovation and new construction, there is no sure answer. There are pros and cons to both options. When renovating, there is certainly a deeper bond with the house in question. Seeing a house, falling in love with the position, the light, its history and imagining a new life in it has a priceless value.

This is the case of this farmhouse on the outskirts of Treviglio. It was originally an old barn which had been abandoned for years. The customer’s dream allowed us to bring this old structure back to life, distorting it, enhancing it and turing it into a new modern and avant-garde home. We oversaw the interiors, the external paintings and the pool area.

These homeowners love to receive friends and family. We immediately imagined large, welcoming and easy to solicise environment. We thought about designing open spaces for them where it was possible to see and talk to whoever was in the living room or at the table straight from the kitchen.

A large wooden platform supported by an iron structure designed by us is the pivot of the house; a table for 12 or more became the element around which the dynamics of the family revolved.

On the floor a strong parquet has marked veins that run parallel to the black fixtures giving it an industrial flavor. The lighting can be powerful with large lamps, or hidden in the supporting iron beams or embedded in the white painted wooden beams.

The kitchen is tailored to th customer needs, a large American refrigerator, induction hob, sink with professional mixer on the island and a large snack area where you can chat while preparing food.

Customers supported our choices and trusted our taste. Together we achieved a unique result. Do you still have doubts about the results you can achieve with a renovation? Remember that there are many bonuses available today, for example: 110 bonus and restructuring bonus.

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